& REBATES
All throughout the year there are Tax Credits, Rebates, and/or Special Offers available. 
Be sure the check our Facebook and Twitter pages, and the website of the following organizations and manufactures for the latest offers:

  • NW NATURAL - Regardless if you are a new Natural Gas customer or existing, NW Natural offers a variety of rebates and discounts on installations and services through their network of Certified Partners.
  • ENERGY TRUST of OREGONWhen looking to make your home more Energy Efficient, this is the place to go! Going green can save you green!
  • OREGON DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY - Check this website for the latest in Tax Rebates from the Oregon Dept. of Energy. Currently there are rebates available for Ductless Heat Pumps, Fireplaces, Stoves, Premium Efficiency Furnaces, Water Heaters, and more!
  • DSIRE- A Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency. Here you can find policies and incentives by state.  
  • MANUFACTURERS' REBATES - Visit the website(s) of the brands we carry for the latest on their promotions. A link to their website can be found by clicking their logo under our Products and Fireplace Gallery pages.
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